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Laser welding will be the key to the development of the next laser industry

Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
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Laser welding will be the key to the development of the next laser industry

In recent years, as a welding equipment with high quality, high precision, low deformation, high efficiency and high speed, laser welding machine is becoming an important tool for metal material processing and manufacturing, and is widely used in automobile manufacturing and other fields. Laser welding is to irradiate the high-intensity laser beam to the metal surface. After the interaction between the laser and the metal, the metal absorbs the laser into heat energy, melting the metal and cooling it to form welding.

This welding method not only has high automation and fast welding speed, but also can be more convenient for any complex shape welding. The current domestic production of laser welding machine enterprises have larger Chinese Han's laser, laser, laser, laser inscription radium Acer stone, especially in the past two years, along with the development of laser technology continues to improve, more and more enterprises begin to test the laser welding and laser cutting areas have showed the development posture of the All flowers bloom together.


Although compared with the traditional welding method, laser welding machine is expensive, a larger one-time investment, technical requirements are very high, the industry in China is still relatively limited, but high production efficiency and easy to realize automatic control and other notable features make it very suitable for large-scale production lines and flexible manufacturing.

Laser welding will be the key to the development of the next laser industry

Traditional electric welding

Laser welding will be the key to the development of the next laser industry

HANS GS laser high power laser welding machine

Because laser beam has small laser focus and high power density, it can weld some high melting point and high strength alloy materials. And because the heat affected zone of laser welding is small, the deformation of the material is small and no subsequent process is needed. During the operation, the laser beam is easy to guide and focus, and realizes the transformation in all directions. The laser welding has high production efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality, and good economic and social benefits. A variety of advantages make more and more enterprises begin to use laser welding machines instead of traditional welding.

The traditional welding method takes a long time and the efficiency is low. So in the mid 1980s, laser welding as a new technology has been widely concerned in Europe, the United States and Japan. Laser welding is different from laser marking and cutting, and its biggest feature is customization. Laser marking and laser cutting can be produced and the batch of products, but the welding is difficult to do this, because each customer needs different lead to laser welding is very difficult to achieve mass production. But with the advent of Internet and personalized demand, the growth of small and medium scale integrators and automation companies is increasing exponentially, and more and more applications need to be applied to laser welding. This situation will undergo essential changes.


Laser marking has accounted for more than half of the whole laser processing market. But from the development data of the laser industry in 2016, the market of laser cutting machine began to break out, and the cutting application began to be popularized. At present, at home and abroad, we can see clearly that more and more laser enterprises are occupying a larger share. After experiencing the hot sale of laser marking and the rise of laser cutting, we believe that laser welding will become the explosive spot of the next laser field.

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