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Super precision machining! Where is the precision laser cutting machine?

Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
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The precision of Han's GS Fiber Laser Cutting machine's is very high. It can process many complex graphics perfectly.

—— Ismail S.

Thank you for your time last week at your factory. We were very impressed with your company and your machines.

—— Mr. Jerome

We are very happy to about what we saw and your company is working, I will keep you in touch but for sure you will receive some orders from us!

—— E. Nathaniel

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Super precision machining! Where is the precision laser cutting machine?

Super precision machining! Where is the precision laser cutting machine?

The application of laser has expanded from the rough machining of large dimension to the field of small size and high accuracy. Fine processing of thin materials below 1mm HANS GS promotes LF0606D, LF0305D and LF1212D precision laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser precision cutting machine for mobile phone parts cutting.

Precision laser cutting machine applies high-energy pulsed laser to cut objects, and the machining accuracy is within millimeters. The incision is smooth, and the product is more delicate and exquisite. Precision laser cutting machine integrates cutting, carving and hollowing technology to meet the needs of cutting and punching metal and materials and other process requirements.


In addition to the advantages of laser cutting machine, such as fast cutting speed, high efficiency and high stability, laser beam is easily controlled and easy to combine with precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computer. This makes the precision laser cutting machine achieve high automation and high machining precision. Degree, more suitable for precision parts processing and various fine arts and crafts cutting, is widely used in precision machinery hardware, microelectronics, and so on high precision industry cutting mark.

Meanwhile, the precision laser cutting machine has small slit, small deformation, smooth and smooth cutting surface, and no need for post sequence processing. Precision laser laser cutting machine is used for non-contact cutting of 1MM metal plate and pipe, and the minimum cutting seam can reach 0.1mm. It is especially suitable for stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and copper plate.


At present, with its irreplaceable superior performance, precision laser cutting machine is widely used in the industries of precision electronics, decoration, mold, mobile digital, sheet metal and hardware.

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