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HANS GS high speed tipping paper laser drilling equipment "laser drilling and reduce tar

Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
Good quality Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sales
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The precision of Han's GS Fiber Laser Cutting machine's is very high. It can process many complex graphics perfectly.

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HANS GS high speed tipping paper laser drilling equipment "laser drilling and reduce tar

HANS GS high speed tipping paper laser drilling equipment "laser drilling and reduce tar

You may find that,Every cigarette has many invisible filters near its filter mouth.When you smoke, air enters the cigarette through small holes, and the smoke inhaled is diluted by these air, so as to reduce tar and inhale lung, reduce smoking and harm health. Previously, the drilling technology was monopolized by European companies for a long time. HANS GS developed the high-speed tipping paper laser drilling machine to fill the domestic cigarette paper for high permeability drilling processing technology gaps, to promote the countries to reduce the tar content standards play an important supporting role in technology.


HANS GS tipping paper laser drilling equipment with high strength stainless steel seamless welded frame and paint panel structure, more user-friendly design, simple operation, more luxurious and beautiful design of door bell. The core components are independent research and development and international famous brand components integration, so as to effectively guarantee the advanced and stability of the equipment. The pneumatic expansion shaft system: the new winding system adopts the new suspicious and efficient pneumatic expansion shaft, which is convenient for loading and unloading the core tube, and can be completed in a few seconds. The structure is compact, light weight and high accuracy, and is especially suitable for occasions with high speed, large tension and strong torque.
Laser source: imported laser source, good quality and stable performance in particular, can be applied continuously 10000 hours without preheating can quickly enter the working state. Optical system: imported high quality antireflective coating is used to improve laser utilization rate. The whole optical system is totally closed, without cleaning and maintenance, and has a very long service life. Zero meter organization: company patent technology. To achieve the overall perforated tipping paper. Main control system: using the Japanese control system, it has the function of parameter setting, parameter and state display, fault diagnosis and online help.


Product features
HANS GS tipping paper punching equipment with independent intellectual property rights, technology has reached the international advanced level
The product has passed the identification of the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. The tightness of punching and the evenness of the two ends meet the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau standard
Closed smoke and dust drainage system in the perforated area to protect the laser head and the production area without dust pollution
When the broken paper or paper is finished during the drilling, it can stop automatically.
The number of standard perforation rows is 1~8 rows. The optical path of the laser is divided into 4 path light and 8 channel light. The number of Flexible punching rows can be self selected, which ensures the highest efficiency and the highest perforation rate of laser power.
Using the independent patented dimming system, the light path debugging is more convenient and the production is more stable.
Equipment installed zero meter device, the overall security of tipping paper punch.
Twenty years of R & D experience in laser equipment, stable product performance, uninterrupted work day, and more than 10 years of service life.


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